My intent is to sell quality firearms and accessories at a reasonable price.


Being a one man shop means a low overhead, and I will pass the savings


associated on to the customer, YOU. If you have a particular interest/


product that you don't see in the shop, bring it to my attention. I'll stock it


if there's enough interest, or special order it through my distributors at no

additional cost to you.




FFL transfers will be $25—EVERY DAY.


Gunsmithing services are performed on premises.



Unless machining is required, I perform all of the work on your firearm. I


have qualified, experienced machinists available to perform that work for

me. Any action work that would influence the reliability of functioning, or

safety of the weapon is checked by test firing prior to return to the customer.



I have been doing repairs of firearms “on the side” for over 30 years. From 2010-2011I worked as a civilian


armorer attached to an Army unit in Iraq. A retired Marine, I’ve worked 6+ of the last 10 years in the

mid-East in support of the American military in both security related and weapons repair positions.




Labor rates are competitively priced at $45 per hour.




A word on parts… I buy parts from distributors who deal primarily with, or exclusively with gunsmiths.

Some of these distributors I’ve dealt with for over 30 years. I am confident of the quality of the parts that I


buy from these companies. As I cannot be assured of the source, or quality of customer supplied parts, I

DO NOT install them. I stand behind the quality of my work, and the parts I supply.


Additionally, I make every effort to ensure that the firearm received by the customer after being repaired in

my shop is safe, and reliable. Therefore, if I receive a firearm in the shop that has one of the inherent safety

features broken, disabled, or bypassed, I will repair that feature to its original condition. Any parts required


in this repair will be passed back to the customer. If the firearm cannot be made to function safely, it will be

tagged as “UNSAFE TO FIRE” and returned to the customer. Please do not ask that a safety feature be

removed, bypassed, or disabled. It won’t happen on my watch.




Retired Marine.


Experienced military armorer.


Certified pistolsmith.


Over 30 years of gunsmithing experience.


All of the new weapons in the shop are sold below manufacturer's suggested

retail price.




All active duty military, police and first responders receive a discount on the purchase of new firearms.





No appointment necessary!


Stop in or Call (281) 678-8382 today!

2512 Termini St., Suite C | Dickinson, Texas, 77539